meet me!


hi gorgeous girls!

my name is Brenli Dobrinski. i'm obsessed with my husband, two doodles, coffee/matcha, pampas, palms & shopping in EVERY form (even grocery store shopping makes me giddy!)

expressing creativity & owning a business are my match made in Heaven and owning Linen & Clay is where i get to unleash every little imperfect piece and part of me.

there is something SO special about putting your heart and soul into artwork, seeing it blossom and watching it reach the hands of so many beautiful and unique souls across the country.

it makes my heart burst & brings literal tears to my eyes seeing you all love l&c the way i always dreamed and hoped and prayed that you would. God has blessed me in so many ways!

i started this journey having absolutely no idea what i was doing and, honestly, sometimes i still have no idea what i'm doing! but there's no other way i'd rather learn.

xo, Bren